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Evidence of Revision, Episode 4: The RFK assassination as never seen before 2007 - 86 min.

Director: Terrence Raymond

This is the fourth film in a five part series. Evidence of Revision is an 8 hour long documentary series whose purpose is to present the publicly unavailable and even suppressed historical audio, video, and film recordings largely unseen by the American public relating to the assassination of the Kennedy brothers, the little known classified "Black Ops," used to intentionally create the massive war in Viet Nam, the CIA "mind control" programs and their involvement in the RFK assassination and the Jonestown massacre, and other important truths of our post-modern time. The RFK assassination, as never seen before, walks you through the political life of Robert Kennedy and relies on witnesses, friends and footage to explain who he was and how he was affected by his brother's assasination. It doesnt seem strange that his mother was somewhat sad and scared to learn he was going to run for president. The film also shows you his enemies, who he fearlessly prosecuted as Attorney General. After setting the stage, the film shows the ample evidence to conclude that this was not a shut and closed case of a political assasination by Sirhan Sirhan.