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BBC | The Story of God | God of the Gaps | Episode 3 2006 - min.

Director: British Broadcasting Corporation; Australian Broadcasting Company; Canadian Broadcasting Company; Da
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"The Story of God" is a three-part video series produced by Dangerous Films featuring physician, Professor and British Lord Robert Winston. The series explores the origins of religion. The documentary focuses on the three Abrahamic faiths, and discusses belief in God in a scientific age. It a number of interviews with scientists including Dean Hamer,atheist Richard Dawkins, and members of the CERN program.

The third and final episode of "The Story of God" begins with Robert Winston in St Peter’s cathedral in Geneva. This, he tells us, was the birthplace of the Protestant Reformation 450 years ago. The Medieval statues and wall paintings were removed and the congregation ‘set out to know God directly, with only their Bibles to guide them.’ The reformation, ‘redefined man’s relationship with God by replacing the mysteries of faith with the certainties of religious conviction.‘ Winston’s tone hints that he doesn’t see this as progress, and the remainder of the episode confirms this as he laments the problems caused by certainty in the debate between science and faith. Winston travels to the United States to visit a "Creationalist Museum" which depicts a history that is only a few thousand years old.