Hitler's Children - Episode 5: Sacrifice
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Looks at the use of young boys from the Hitler Youth in front line action and the defense of Berlin near the end of World War II. Considers how they were conscripted and exploited, and also how, for many of them, the immersion in Nazi ideology and propaganda in previous years led them to hold strong beliefs about loyalty and dying for their Führer and country. Also shows instances of how they were involved in wartime atrocities, both willingly and unwillingly. Includes interviews with those who were boys at the time, who speak of their experiences, some of whom featured in newsreels being decorated by Hitler in his last days.
When researching the Holocaust, I would often wonder how it was possible for a people to blindly follow a madman. This series of films shed a lot of light on the times. The young boys and girls who Hitler turned into killers are now senior citizens and have a very interesting perspective on their youth. These films are well made and intriguing. They rely on interviews and archival footage. The films bring a sense of humanity to the war and even to the "bad guys" without marginalizing the atrocities committed against the Jews. Looking at these films is important as it teaches us how a population could get behind Hitler. If we understand that, we can work to never let it happen again.

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