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IRAN (is not the problem) is a feature length film responding to the failure of the American mass media to provide the public with relevant and accurate information about the standoff between the US and Iran, as happened before with the lead up to the invasion of Iraq. We have heard that Iran is a nuclear menace in defiance of the international community, bent on "wiping Israel off the map", supporting terrorism, and unwilling to negotiate. This documentary disputes these claims as they are presented to us and puts them in the context of present and historical US imperialism and hypocrisy with respect to Iran. It looks at the struggle for democracy inside Iran, the consequences of the current escalation and the potential US and/or Israeli attack, and suggests some alternatives to consider.
The film starts by bluntly stating that the Iraq war was not a mistake but a pre meditated calculated exercise. If you are not comfortable with that then you might not be comfortable with this film. But if you remember the non truths that we were told leading up to the war in Iraq then you might want to see what is really going on behind the scenes in Iran. The film makers, though have a bias, take their time to provide logical arguments and historical facts to back up their prepositions. The film makes an effort to denounce the Iranian government but aims to provide a strategy to avoid the bloodshed of war. The film was made while Bush was still in office but the confrontational stance of US leaders still remains the same. The history lesson alone of the conflict is worthwhile for every American to learn. This is especially relevant with the recent mass protests in Iran. You really cant understand the situation until you understand what led up to it and understand the interests of the major global players. Many countries have an agenda in Iran whether its England, Israel, China, the US, Russia or the Arab states. Among other things this film discusses those agendas.

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