Unreported World: India the Land of Missing Children
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Documentary investigating the trafficking of children in India for the sex trade in Calcutta and Bombay. Looks at how young girls from rural and mountain areas are either kidnapped or lured into sex slavery with the promise of jobs in the city. Reporter Sam Kiley interviews some of those involved, and follows the routes taken by the traders and their victims and accompanies police and the Rescue Foundation charity on raids on brothels, rescuing underage girls.
If there are any vigilantes with spare time on their hands looking to fight evil doers, I recommend rescuing these girls...not that we would ever recommend any vigilante action...but if you happened to be a wanna be crime fighter, fighting the illegal underage sex trade would probably be a good cause to go after. It would have been great had the reporter been able to go more undercover to hear more of the stories. Nonetheless, this is quite an adventure that this journalist went on trying to expose this brutal industry and save some lives in the process. The lack of cooperation from those whose job it is to protect these girls astounded me.

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