Zeitgeist Addendum

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Part I follows on from Part III from the original film, citing the specific process of fractional-reserve banking as detailed in Modern Money Mechanics, released by the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago. Part II is a documentary-style interview with The New York Times best-selling author and activist John Perkins based on his book, Confessions of an Economic Hit Man, in which he describes his role as a self-described economic hit man. Part III is a documentary-style interview with futurist Jacque Fresco. The film looks at Fresco's proposal of a "resource-based economy", which he claims would create abundance, is environmentally friendly and sustainable. Part IV of the film suggests that the primary reason for what it sees as society's social values ("warfare, corruption, oppressive laws, social stratification, irrelevant superstitions, environmental destruction, and a despotic, socially indifferent, profit oriented, ruling class") is a collective ignorance of "the emergent and symbiotic aspects of natural law."
While the first Zeitgeist series focuses on 911, Banking and Christianity this film gets very much into monetary policy and discusses CIA sponsored coups. But this Zeitgeist Addendum is much more than that. It is a holistic outlook relating the evils of mankind and the social fabric we have created to a culture of greed and domination. The film explains an alternative social construct. I cant say that Im in agreement with all the statements in this film but it is a useful exercise for us to reflect on the direction that the world is moving in. The idea of building a new non monetary society is an extremely ambitious and very implausible one but even if a system isnt changed I do think that it useful to improve it. The film uses few sources but weaves together an interesting tapestry of philosophy in analyzing the world we live in and relating it to corruption and fraud in our monetary system.

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