Sweet Misery - A Poisoned World

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This film explores the important issue of aspartame toxicity in a documentary that implores viewers to take consider the potentially damaging effects of the common food additive. A sugar substitute that is found in NutraSweet and many common diet drinks, aspartame is alleged to cause toxic reactions in the human body that can result in a wide variety of physical and mental ailments. In stating their claim that aspartame toxicity is perhaps the most insidious representation of corporate negligence since tobacco, Brackett and Waldron offer compelling evidence about a potentially deadly phenomenon.
I used to wonder about the sweetener packages and why they said that it had caused cancer in lab animals. That being said, I never paid much attention to this subject until watching this film. It is obvious that this film was done on a low budget. But the interviews and data is rather compelling and frightening. I wonder how many people who think that they are helping their bodies will develop serious brain ailments due to drinking and eating diet products this year. One thing is certain. I won't be having any diet products. This film is relevant to everyone.

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