Hearts and Minds

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This film recounts the history and attitudes of the opposing sides of the Vietnam War using archival news footage as well as their own film and interviews. Using a wealth of sources from interviews to newsreels to documentary footage of the conflict at home and abroad, Davis constructs a powerfully effective portrait of the disastrous effects of war. The film also endeavors to give a voice to the Vietnamese people themselves as to how the war has affected them and their reasons why they fight the United States and other western powers while showing the basic humanity of the people that U.S. propaganda tried to dismiss.
A well made documentary that uses footage from during and immediately after the Vietnam War. It is the best Vietnam film that I have seen to date and integrates many different perspectives, including that of the Vietnamese. Ironically, in this film a U.S. soldier insists that we learn from Vietnam; otherwise we may find ourselves in another similar war. Yet, the same blind patriotism and political motives have led the Americans into the Iraq war

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