The Assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr.
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Was it really a lone racist named James Earl Ray that killed Martin Luther King or was his assassination part of a much bigger plan? And why was the FBI treating Martin Luther King like a threat?
This film shows a good amount but not all of evidence indicating an FBI conspiracy against King. Of the several films I have seen on the topic, this is the best-made. Before you decide that James Earl Ray definitely killed Martin Luther King Jr., there are some people who have studied the subject extensively that disagree; the King family.

Evidence points to some of the same organizations that were discussed regarding the Kennedy assassination. But unlike the Kennedy assassination, only a small portion of the population knows the case for a conspiracy against King. It is amazing that the ample evidence that exists was able to be shoved under the rug.

I think you should watch this film and if nothing else, think about how the media and government treated Martin Luther King Jr. It is very different than they currently treat his memory and it might give you something to think about next Martin Luther King Day.


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