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With an in-depth study into pet stores, puppy mills and animals shelters, as well as factory farms, the leather and fur trades, sports and entertainment industries, and finally into animal use in the medical and scientific professions, "Earthlings" uses hidden cameras and never before seen footage to chronicle the day-to-day practices of some of the largest industries in the world, all of which rely entirely on animals for profit. Powerful, informative and thought-provoking!
This film depicts how cruel humanity can be to animals in a strong argument for vegetarianism as well as veganism. It is comprehensive, emotional, powerful, biased but extremely informative. I am not a vegetarian nor a vegan, but I do believe that consumers should pressure companies to improve living conditions for the animals used for our products. After all, unlike humans, animals can't speak for themselves; if we don't speak up for the rights of animals then no one will.

One complaint I have about this film is that it shows the extremes of animal abuse and doesn't show more humane methods. I do not think that the choice of humane treatment of animals should simply be: be vegan or don't be. For example I do think there is a large moral difference in raising a cage free or caged hen. I also think that we all have the moral obligation for understanding the consequences of our actions. We should never hide from the truth even if it is ugly and our fault. Therefore, if you are curious enough and don't like running from the truth, watch this film.


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