The Trials of Henry Kissinger

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The film focuses on Kissinger's years as national-security adviser and secretary of State to presidents Nixon and Ford, and details his involvement in prolonging the war in Vietnam, the secret bombing of Cambodia, Suharto's invasion of East Timor, and the assassination of democratically elected communist president Salvador Allende in Chile. In a larger sense, this powerfully muckraking film is about the accountability of public figures and about how, in regard to international justice, there can and should be no exceptions.
This is a very well made and highly acclaimed film. Henry Kissinger was an amazing and interesting man. He lost relatives in the holocaust, attained a doctorate from Harvard and quickly rose to become a powerful figure in Washington as well as a national celebrity, once calling himself a ?swinger?. But this man is accused of war crimes and arranging several coups brutal dictatorships taking power and sabotaging peace talks in Vietnam.

"The Trials of Henry Kissinger" provides not only an understanding on how a man who was responsible for the death of millions of civilians on different continents managed to win a noble peace prize, and leave scandals without a scratch but a good understanding of how power and the war machine influenced politicians to lie to the American public. The film is well made and interesting as well as quite damning with interviews with Kissinger?s own staff and people involved in secret meetings among others.

The movie wonders if Kissinger is now haunted by not only past deeds but also the prospect of international legal action.


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