A Little Light'll Do Ya - Defending Democracy in America
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Blacked out or dismissed as 'conspiracy theories' by corporate news outlets, reports of massive vote fraud in the 2004 presidential election circulated on the internet and through independent media. As the January 6th, 2005 deadline for a challenge to the Electoral College vote drew near send delegation of concerned citizens and an award-winning documentary team went to Ohio and Washington, D.C. to get the facts.

"Defending Democracy in America" relays the overwhelming evidence they found of a stolen election and a small, diverse group of committed people - from the street and the elite - defending democracy against overwhelming odds.

This is a must watch film. Its production may not be of the highest quality but the facts involved in this investigation are hard to dispute. I am surprised that there aren't many films made on this topic. Then again, I had watched "Votergate" before the election and was expecting the exit polls reported on election day to be suspiciously off, which they were. If the allegations from this film hold true, it could be one of the biggest scandals in history. While, many people know that there were many questions about the 2000 election, there are relatively few Americans that have heard that the 2004 election is believed to have much more vote fraud than 2000. Watch "Votergate" if you want to see a premonition of what this film shows. We highly recommend watching this and doing your own research. I personally believe statistics more than I believe the Democratic or Republican party.

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