Palestine-Israel 101
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"Palestine-Israel 101", a film created by The American Task Force on Palestine, is a two part piece. T he first part gives a brief yet thorough historical outline of the Israeli/Palestinian conflict. The second part focuses on a two state solution to the conflict which will provide more security for Israel, Palestine and the United States. The film provides interesting statistics on the demographics and economies of both regions.
This film reminds me of the cheesy educational films that we watched in grade school. That being said, this covers the basic dispute and history in a rather unbiased way and though I?m sure some will disagree, does its best to think of a solution that will appease both countries. If you don?t really know what?s going on in the region or the history of the conflict, we recommend this film. It?s short and gives a good summary without being emotional. In today?s age of terrorism and U.S. conflicts in the Middle East, all Americans should understand the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. To add credibility, the former White House Chief of Staff, John Sununu has a cameo.

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