South Asia Documentaries

Highlighted Movie
Hearts and Minds | 112 minutes
A courageous and startling film, Peter Davis' landmark documentary "Hearts and Minds" unflinchingly confronts the United States' involvement in Vietnam.
Child Slavery in India | 21 minutes
This short film explores the story of a man who has dedicated his life to saving as many child slaves as possible.
China's Olympic Lie | 24 minutes
Unreported world investigates claims that the chinese government is steamrolling houses and locking up anyone that complains in preperation for the 2008 Olympics.
Death of A Nation | 74 minutes
On December 7, 1975 Indonesia secretly - but with the complicity of the Western powers including the US, the UK, and Australia - invaded the small nation of East Timor. Two Australian television crews attempting to document the invasion were murdered. In 1993, with the Indonesian army still occupying the country, John Pilger and his crew including director David Munro, slipped into East Timor and
Fool Me Twice | 116 minutes
Covering several events but focusing on the Indonesian nightclub attacks, this film aims to debunk the official story and point to an inside job.
Up to 2000 Muslims were murdered with complicity of the provincial Hindu government of the Gujrat region of India. And the perpetrators confessed on tape. Unfortunately, powers at large are strong enough that video taped confessions were not strong enough to bring the perpetrators to trial.
Guess what one of the largest and quickest growing industries is. The Sex trade. Channel 4 investigates in India amongst very uncooperative authorities.
Inside Burma | 51 minutes
Should be required viewing for anyone who claims to be concerned about human rights abuses - in China or anywhere else in the world. For the events in Burma in 1988 - and the dictatorial rule of Burma's military ever since - deserve at least as much attention as has been given to the Tiananmen crackdown and headline-capturing abuses in other parts of the world
Award-winning journalist, John Pilger, investigates the realities of globalization by taking a close look at Indonesia.
Santa's Workshop | 32 minutes
The clothes, toys and electronics we buy are put together by these workers. Listen to their story of hardship to see just what price they are paying for our cheap goods and watch the reactions of the multinational corporations who put them up to it.
This 80-minute documentary, inspired by Kevin Bales' award-winning book "Disposable People," exposes cases of slavery around the world, in India, Africa and right here in the U.S.
The Fog of War | 107 minutes
What does Robert McNamara, Secretary of Defense during the Vietnam War, think about his role in the war? What lessons has he learned? What was it like for a politician entrenched in fighting "The Cold War"?
“The Slow Poisoning of India” shows how the uses of toxic pesticides have caused widespread congenital abnormalities in the children of Kochinim, Kerala. The film also discusses the effects of the rampant use of fertilizers and pesticides in decimating the ecology of the region and how farmers are moving back to organic farming to ensure sustained development.
Is Henry Kissinger a war criminal, guilty of lying to the American public and congress in order to overthrow governments and kill civilians?
War By Other Means | 52 minutes
John Pilger and David Munro examine the policy of First World banks agreeing loans with third world countries, who are then unable to meet the crippling interest charges.
Welcome to Australia | 49 minutes
Is Australia really the land of freedom and welcoming which the government states? Or does the country, like so many others, have a dark history of oppression?

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