Africa Documentaries

Highlighted Movie
Invisible Children | 55 minutes
Watch one of the biggest stories that you have never heard of. Discover a war which few have heard of; a war in which the rebels are ruthless murderers of civilians yet are hard to hate. This is because they are only children.
Join a journalist as he travels to Africa to see if British American Tobacco is breaking its own code of ethics by marketing to children.
Blood Coltan | 50 minutes
You probably have something in your pocket right now that was made possible by brutal rebel groups, exploiting young african laborers...your cellphone. Men, women and children risk their lives and wellbeings to get you the mineral Coltan. Never heard about this? Watch this film.
Blood Diamonds | 88 minutes
Do you really know where your diamonds come from? What you may learn about how diamonds are obtained and who profits from their sale may surprise you.
Carbon for Water | 23 minutes
The award-winning short film by Evan Abramson & Carmen Elsa Lopez brings to life the daily struggles experienced by millions of residents living in western Kenya without easy access to safe drinking water. But the film is also about hope. It showcases a unique new public health program providing the region with sustainable access to clean water
This short film looks at how China, a country where human rights are often not respected, is expanding to Africa, a continent where worker rights violations are often not regulated.
CONGO | 109 minutes
What is the most massive case of terror by a government in the last two centuries? If you guessed 'The Holocaust,' you're wrong. King Leopold II of Belgium acquired Congo as a colony and exploited its people during his 'reign of terror,' a terrible genocide that has unfortunately been mostly forgotten.
On Our Watch | 10 minutes
See how bad the situation in Darfur is in only 10 minutes.
This 80-minute documentary, inspired by Kevin Bales' award-winning book "Disposable People," exposes cases of slavery around the world, in India, Africa and right here in the U.S.
The Diamond Empire | 80 minutes
Gems are genuinely worth more based on their scarcity. So diamonds must be very rare, right? The entire industry is dominated by one company that has gone to extraordinary lengths to turn an ordinary product into a valuable commodity. Why do some say that this industry is brutal and has it been pulling the wool over our eyes?
The Ghosts of Rwanda | 54 minutes
How could it happen that America and the West stood aside and did nothing to stop the slaughter of 800,000 human beings over 100 days? On the 10th anniversary of the 1994 Rwandan genocide, the powerful story of those who participated in the world's failure to act, those few who stood up and tried to save lives, and all who are still deeply haunted by what they did.
The Origins of AIDS | 90 minutes
What was the cause of AIDS? Though it is widely agreed that Aids originated from Chimpanzees, how it came from the chimpanzees to men is hotly debated. This film provides strong evidence of scientists being inadvertently responsible.

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