Unrepentant: Kevin Annett and Canada's Genocide - Facts Page

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Article 0:43:10 Cultural genocide label for residential schools has no legal implications, expert says First phase: eliminate the culture sparrow6
Article 1:35:30 Canada confronts ‘cultural genocide’ against aboriginal people Deaths of children hidden. sparrow6
Article 1:11:43 Pope Benedict Resignation ITCCS claims pope resigned to avoid arrest sparrow6
Article 1:04:42 Wipe Out the Amerindians Forced sterilization by Dr. George Darby sparrow6
Article 0:59:32 Canadian Reconciliation in an International Context Probe of Canadian residential schools to be reported at UN sparrow6
Article 0:57:40 Many children were denied food and health care treatment to study the effects of malnutrition. Sterilized, murdered, used as medical experiments sparrow6
Article 0:47:14 Grandmother keeps up social justice fight Dr. Jennifer Wade, co-founder Amnesty International Vancouver sparrow6
Article 0:42:58 Raphael Lemkin Raphael Lemkin drafted the UN definition of genocide. sparrow6
Article 0:41:36 The Indian Act Timeline Indian Act: Indians face punishment for not giving up children sparrow6
Article 0:41:20 Canadian church and government found liable 1998 Supreme Court Justice Hogarth ruled the United Church and the government were equally liable sparrow6
Video 0:40:18 Native American Leader Dennis Banks on Overlooked Tragedy of U.S. Indian Boarding Schools Parents were forced to surrender children. sparrow6
Article 0:39:00 Canada Research Chair in Native-Newcomer Relations "Shingwauk's Visions A History of Native Residential Schools by J.R. Miller" sparrow6
Article 0:36:45 Duncan Campbell Scott plaque now includes his past creating residential schools Duncan Cambell Scott, head of indian affairs sparrow6
Video 0:36:00 aptn Investigates: UNMARKED GRAVES "I believe the conditions are being deliverately created in our residential schools ..." sparrow6
Article 0:33:05 Native History: Inventor of Biological Warfare Against Indians Dies Jeffrey Amherst (Nova Scotia) sparrow6
Article 0:31:31 Past Chief and Council Index Chief Harvey Alphonse Cowichan Band Council Vancouver Island sparrow6
Article 0:27:37 Marion Best Marion Best sparrow6
Article 0:27:07 First Nations: Land Rights and Environmentalism in British Columbia Church selling of stolen native land to big logging company sparrow6
Video 0:24:50 KUPER ISLAND ~ Residential School Survivors Documentary Kuper Island Residential School (Catholic Church) sparrow6
Article 0:24:38 Claim of murder goes back to '40s Alfred Caldwell, Principal of Alberni Residential School, 1944-53 sparrow6
Article 0:24:31 Claim of murder goes back to '40s "Maisie Shaw died at Alberni Residential School Dec. 24, 1946" sparrow6
Article 0:23:30 Dr. Mirjana Roksandic Dr. Mirjana Roksandic, Anthropologist sparrow6
Video 0:23:19 aptn Investigates: UNMARKED GRAVES Bluequills Residential School Children's skulls found sparrow6
Video 0:17:07 Is John A. Macdonald Really the Canadian Hero We Think He Is? Jack McDonald Metis Leader sparrow6
Article 0:12:43 Manitoba reserve hopes to transform residential school into museum Abuse at Portage a Prairie Residential School (Catholic Church) sparrow6
Article 0:12:43 No Longer Victims: Holocaust Survivors Take to the Streets Rick Lavallie sparrow6
Video 0:12:32 Nanaimo Indian Hospital Abuse at Nanaimo Indian Hospital sparrow6
Article 0:12:00 St. Michael’s Indian Residential School (Alert Bay) St. Michael's Residential School (Anglican Church) and Nanaimo Indian Hospital sparrow6
Article 0:10:03 Blue Quills First Nation College Bluequills Residential School (Catholic Church) sparrow6
Article 0:09:21 Christie (Kakawis) Indian Residential School – Meares Island Christie Residential School (Catholic Church) sparrow6
Article 0:08:55 Edmonton Indian Residential School Edmonton Residential School (United Church) sparrow6
Article 0:08:44 St. Eugene’s Indian Residential School – Kootenay Abuse at St. Eugene Residential School (Catholic Church) sparrow6
Article 0:07:08 Alberni School Victim Speaks Out Harriet Nahanee witnessed a child murdered sparrow6
Article 0:06:10 Alberni School Victim Speaks Out Abuse at Port Alberni Residentail School (United Church) sparrow6
Article 0:05:00 Dennis Banks: Cease and Desist Order to Kevin Annett Infringement letter to Kevin Annett sparrow6
Video 0:04:00 APTN Investigating Unmarked Graves Mohawk nation dissolves association with Annett sparrow6
Article 0:01:31 Driving Out the Nations Deuteronomy 7: 1-2, 5-6 sparrow6
Video 0:03:00 APTN Investigating Unmarked Graves 2011 Annett claims to have found children bones on Six Nations territory sparrow6