The New Rulers of the World - Facts Page

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Article 0:48:56 At daggers drawn “The economist magazine calls it an embryo world government” marcio.mourao
Article 0:43:31 Conflict-related deaths in Timor-Leste 1974-1999 “A third of the population of East Timor were killed under the Suharto regime” marcio.mourao
Article 0:36:45 Paying the price - Report “Everyday,> $100 million is transferred in debt repayment from the poorest to the richest countries" marcio.mourao
Article 0:32:13 Emerging Issues Analysis - Combating Corruption in Multilateral Development Banks "$10 billion that’s unaccounted for, out of a total of $30 billion that was loaned” marcio.mourao
Article 0:29:36 East Asia, 1997: Avoidable or Inevitable? “In 1998, short term capital was suddenly pulled out of Asia” marcio.mourao
Article 0:25:42 Britain owed millions for weapons used by autocratic regimes “Unknown to the British public, millions of pounds went to the ditactor in export credits” marcio.mourao
Article 0:21:52 Power in Motion: Capital Mobility and the Indonesian State by Winters, Jeffrey “Timelife corporation sponsored a conf. in Switzerland that planed the corp. takeover of Indonesia" marcio.mourao
Article 0:21:42 Washington: A Gleam of Light in Asia US Media described Suharto as moderate and a gleam of light in Asia marcio.mourao
Article 0:19:50 U.S. OFFICIALS' LISTS AIDED INDONESIAN BLOODBATH IN '60S “The CIA had supplied a list of 5000 opponents to be assassinated" marcio.mourao
Article 0:17:50 The United States and the Overthrow of Sukarno, 1965-1967 General Suharto was secretly backed by US and Britain and by western business leaders marcio.mourao
Article 0:17:35 Indonesia-1965 The coup that backfired “Described by the CIA as one of the worst mass murders in the 20th century” marcio.mourao
Article 0:01:22 Top 200: The Rise of Corporate Global Power “GM is now bigger than Denmark” & “Ford is bigger than South Africa” marcio.mourao