Owning the Weather - Facts Page

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Article 0:36:30 The Seeds of Tornado Prevention J. Gregory Glenn, Elgin Airforce Base, air force taking an offensive role to destroy tornados. sparrow6
Article 0:31:00 Debunked: Bernard Eastlund and HAARP High Frequency Active Aural Research Project, structures to heat the Earth's ionosphere sparrow6
Article 0:30:30 Debunked: Nick Begich Nick Begich, Author sparrow6
Article 0:30:00 Method and apparatus for altering a region in the earth's atmosphere, ionosphere, and/or magnetosphe Dr. Bernard Eastlund, Inventor sparrow6
Article 0:24:15 New Atmospheric Modeling Technique May Have Major Implications for Global Warming Studies Dr. Ross Hoffman, Atmospheric & Environmental Research sparrow6
Article 0:22:30 Project STORMFURY 1971 Project Stormfury, seed the outside eye wall to create a bigger, slower and less powerful repla sparrow6
Article 0:20:05 Operation Popeye: Weaponized Weather during Vietnam War Project Popeye - making the Ho Chi Minh trail area rain more so the area would be bogged down in mud sparrow6
Article 0:18:20 " ""The day they made it rain"" Lynmouth Flood man-made?" 1952, RAF dispatched gliders to southwest England with cloud seeding agent resulting in Lynmouth flo sparrow6
Article 0:14:15 Weather Warfare Project Cirrus, 1947 hurricane manipulation project. sparrow6
Article 0:12:00 Chemtrails, HAARP, and the Full Spectrum Dominance of Planet Earth These MEMS if inhaled or caught in the eye, one would most likely regard it as a speck of dust or co sparrow6
Article 0:10:15 John T Manobianco, PhD Dr. John Manobianco, Ensco Inc. sparrow6
Article 0:09:10 Nudging the Weather Kerry Emanuel, MIT, no definitive proof that cloud seeding actually works. sparrow6
Article 0:08:30 Weather modification program attempts to prevent all HAIL from breaking LOOSE Silver iodide is generally used for cloud seeding. sparrow6
Article 0:03:30 " U.S. Should Pursue Additional Research on Weather Modification" Michael Garstang, National Academy of Sciences sparrow6
Article 0:03:15 Weather modification program attempts to prevent all HAIL from breaking LOOSE Insurance company one of biggest supporters of cloud seeding to block hail storms sparrow6
Article 0:02:15 Weather modification program attempts to prevent all HAIL from breaking LOOSE Walt Geiger, Western Kansas Weather Modification Program sparrow6