BBC | Horizon | Inside the Dark Web | Season 51, Episode 4 - Facts Page

Time Title Claim User
Article 0:54:30 Richard Lamb, Sr. Program Manager DNSSEC Rick Lamb, Senior Program Manager, ICANN sparrow6
Article 0:53:35 Is domain hijacking illegal? Vulternabilities in domain name structure (hijacked domains) sparrow6
Article 0:53:20 Steve Crocker, Board Chair, ICANN Board of Directors Steve Crocker, Chair of the Board, ICANN sparrow6
Article 0:50:45 Eugene Kaspersky Chairman and CEO of Kaspersky Lab Eugene Kaspersky, CEO, Kaspersky Lab sparrow6
Article 0:50:00 HTG Explains: Is Tor Really Anonymous and Secure? Tor's limitations sparrow6
Article 0:48:25 Europol cyber-crime chief becomes Barclays CISO Troels Oerting, Head of European Cybercrime Centre sparrow6
Article 0:46:15 Ross Ulbricht Didn’t Create Silk Road’s Dread Pirate Roberts. This Guy Did Dread pirate roberts arrest and silk road sparrow6
Article 0:41:50 Why One Bitcoin Developer Thinks Cryptocurrencies Have A Dreadful Future Peter Todd, Bitcoin developer sparrow6
Article 0:37:30 Tor Stinks' presentation – read the full document Powerpoint presentation: Tor Stinks sparrow6
Article 0:37:25 GCHQ and NSA Repeatedly Tried and Failed to Crack Tor Network NSA failed attacks against Tor. sparrow6
Article 0:32:20 Chinese spooks hit Tor and VPN users with watering hole cyber attacks China attacks Tor users, but not Tor directly sparrow6
Article 0:29:20 Jacob Appelbaum Jacob Appelbaum, Computer security researcher sparrow6
Article 0:26:30 Tor: Overview Tor, the onion router sparrow6
Article 0:24:44 The Tor Project Paul Syverson, Co-developer of Onion Routing sparrow6
Article 0:20:30 Horizon: The defenders of anonymity on the internet David Chaum predicted danger of analyzing patterns of communication sparrow6
Article 0:16:15 Facebook reveals news feed experiment to control emotions Google and FB collecting consumer data for psychological manipulation sparrow6
Article 0:15:45 Bruce Schneier Bruce Schneier, Cryptographer and Computer Security Expert sparrow6
Article 0:14:30 Tracking Human Mobility using WiFi signals Tracking people with wifi signals sparrow6
Article 0:11:35 If You Think You're Anonymous Online, Think Again Julia Angwin, Journalist and Technology Researcher sparrow6
Article 0:09:30 Web inventor Berners-Lee: The hidden cost of mass surveillance Tim Berners-Lee, inventor of internet sparrow6
Article 0:07:15 How To Tap Fiber Optic Cables Optical tap to get a copy of all information sparrow6
Article 0:06:20 Profiled: From Radio to Porn, British Spies Track Web Users' Online Identities Listening station has been gathering and analyzing all traffic coming through the fiberoptic cables sparrow6
Article 0:05:50 The Internet, Where It Comes From, Who Looks after it. 25% of all traffic passes through fiber optic cables betw. UK and US (Cornwall) sparrow6
Article 0:05:20 Dr. Joss Wright, Research Fellow Dr. Joss Wright, University of Oxford Internet Institute sparrow6
Article 0:04:25 Body cams, smart guns and tracking darts: policing and the internet of things "Private data will not be shared w/o customer's permission." Question: what about law enforcement? sparrow6
Article 0:03:30 The Internet of Things Is Far Bigger Than Anyone Realizes IoT (Internet of Things) sparrow6
Article 0:03:05 Alex Hawkinson Founder, CEO Alex Hawkinson, SmartThings CEO sparrow6