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Here are ten more reasons why donations will help make a difference
  1. Our staff is comprised almost exclusively of volunteers, ensuring that we are doing this for the right reasons.
  2. Your money really does help us. This site needs it to survive!
  3. Because we have so little overhead, and because of our efficient, internet-based distribution model, we are able to maximize the benefit of every Dollar or Euro given.
  4. No matter what issue you feel passionate about, education about that subject is the first step to change.
  5. Political leaders will not take a moral stand unless educated, informed citizens ask them to.
  6. The more money you donate, the better (and cooler!) the technology that we offer will be.
  7. Too often, misconceptions are propagated by mainstream media, often for the benefit of a few powerful corporations. With your funding we can fight this.
  8. Because making the world a better place starts with you!
  9. For a donation as small as the cost of eating out, you can help our site reach and inspire a lot of people.For a donation as small as the cost of eating out, you can help our site reach and inspire a lot of people.
  10. It will also make you feel better knowing that you are doing your part to make a difference.
What does your donation help accomplish?
· It allows programmers can build new features for the site.
· We can review and upload more films
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Here are some testimonials from our fans:
"I want to say thank you to everyone involved in the creation of this website. You are doing humanity a favor and deserve recognition for that. I will share this website with everyone I can in hopes that people may become more informed (or receive a differing point of view than is regularly farted out on television.) Our media does nothing to propagate these important documentaries! This website is a leader in the peoples media!" - Steve, England

"I want to write to you and say that I appreciate your website so much ! Thank you so much for your good efforts on all our behalves, you are indeed a credit to humanity ! " - Martin, Norwich, UK

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