Featured Documentary

Who Took Down Stockton? 2013 - 31 min.

Director: Sharon Pieczenik
Since 2010, 33 municipalities across the country have filed for bankruptcy. Not since the Great Depression have so many cities been so broke. No other place in the U.S. has borne the brunt more than the Central Valley city of Stockton, Calif. – the largest city in American history to file for bankruptcy. Now, the city has defaulted on its bond payments and stripped health care from retired police officers and firefighters. All the while, an unprecedented legal battle is raging between creditors and the city in federal bankruptcy court. We dig deep into the financial ruin of Stockton. In the first documentary in a series of films produced by the Center for Investigative Reporting for The Young Turks, we look at the bad deals that brought this city to its knees.