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Befreiung (Liberation) | ZDF Hitler's Holocaust | Season 1 Episode 6 2000 - 50 min.

Director: Maurice Philip Remy

Part Six, Liberation, covers the years 1944 and 1945. The allies have landed in Normandy. The Red Army is advancing in the east. Germany's military situation is hopeless. Recognizing he can not win, Hitler nevertheless continues his demonic objective of genocide. The goal: to prevent even the few who have survived so far from living on to bear witness to the unspeakable horrors. In January 1945, the Soviet army reaches Auschwitz. The liberators are deeply shocked by what they see - thousand of emaciated human beings are vegetating between life and death. In Buchenwald, American soldiers conduct the people of Weimar through the barracks and compel them to look. They claim they had not been aware.